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The principle of the Circular Economy is based on the idea that industrial waste and end-of-life products can be recycled to become the raw material of another industry. The recovery of waste, in particular waste containing metals, is strategic for the Walloon economy in terms of supply of raw materials for our industry. It also represents a significant potential for value creation based on a long and strong experience in metallurgy. The Reverse Metallurgy project was established within this context.


Objective of the project

The aim of the "Reverse Metallurgy" project is to create, in Wallonia, an internationally recognized platform for industrial, technological and scientific excellence in the field of recycling. The objective is also to create jobs and added value for the region.



The creation and development of new economic activities in the field of metal processing and recovery from the Circular Economy.


The realization of this potential is based on:

- Developing and controlling complete industrial value chains in metal recycling processes,

- Mastering key technologies and treatment processes,

- Innovating and its associated industrial transfer.



Reverse Metallurgy SCRL provides project governance.



The project is based on a public/private financial partnership. It has the support of the Walloon Government and in particular the Minister of the Economy. It is part of the NEXT program.