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GeMMe   is a unique research group in Wallonia contributing to the development of innovative processes for an efficient 

management of mineral and metallic resources. Taking its roots in the traditional disciplines of mining, metallurgy and civil engineering, GeMMe experienced a deep mutation of its activities within the last ten years by making use of its know-how to unlock the values in industrial solid wastes, end-of-life consumers goods and complex georesources.


GeMMe is divided into three research units:

    • The Georesources-GeoImaging group led by Prof. Eric Pirard specializes in the development of vision-based characterization tools from outcrops to nanosized particles.
    • The Mineral Processing & Recycling group under the responsibility of Prof. Stoyan Gaydardzhiev focuses on energy- and water-efficient processes in the comminution and treatment of ores and inorganic wastes.
    • The Construction Materials group headed by Prof. Luc Courard develops new and eco-friendly building materials making effecient use of industrial residues.

Each of these research units is backed by a well-equiped experimental lab to help develop its activities through a strategic innovative approach:

  • LMC Laboratoire des Matériaux de Construction under the direction of Ir. Frédéric Michel
  • GMR Laboratoire de Génie Minéral & Recyclage under the direction of Ir. David Bastin
  • AigueMarine Process Mineralogy Lab under the responsibility of Ir. Sophie Leroy
GeMMe, meaning gem in French, comes from the greek word for “bud”.
Our logo refers to the crystalline structure of a spinel, but also evokes the breakage of a complex material into homogeneous pieces. Its similarity with a recycling logo is by no way a fortuitous coincidence, it is a clear evidence of our commitment to build a world with zero waste!

 The ternary symmetry of the logo refers to the three main research teams within our group.