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The "NEXT-Circular Economy" program is one of the three cross-disciplinary lines of action of the Walloon industrial policy and is complementary to the six clusters for competitiveness (the “Clusters”). It targets efficient management of resources, the closing of material loops and new economic models, all of which constitute key elements of the Circular Economy.


The program’s implementation has been delegated to SRIW (Regional Investment Company of Wallonia) through its specialized subsidiary, B.E. Fin. This subsidiary’s objective is to ensure the structured, comprehensive and coherent deployment of the Circular Economy over the Walloon territory and, as such, is therefore responsible for strengthening the Government’s current industrial policy.


Through the NEXT program, initiated by the Minister of the Economy, the Walloon Government focusses on excellence and progress.


To achieve its objectives, NEXT relies on 3 pillars:

- Teaching,

- International networking,

- Industry.


For industrial projects, four themes of the Circular Economy have been selected within the framework of the NEXT program which is working in synergy with the other operators, particularly with the Clusters for research related topics. 

More specifically, NEXT aims to :

- Provide specialized support through its operational team,

- Finance projects (subsidies, loans, equity),

- Identify promising sectors and value-adding mechanisms for the Region.


NEXT works in synergy with other operators, especially with the Clusters for aspects related to research. International activities are deployed through a close partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is committed to accelerating the transition towards a Circular Economy. B.E. Fin represents Wallonia and is a member of the CE100 Program.